Made of Magnets

I’m made of magnets, billions of tiny magnetic particles and all people are steel. I walk through a crowd and feel bits of myself, zip off and cling to passers-by. I flux, I bow, I become something for an instant here, a long while there. Stride for stride I walk along a tall woman, brisk pace, she is all business. For three blocks I feel the heavy fall of her feet and each quick breath. My particles have sucked up next to and around her, I am all business for three blocks.

I don’t know how to be steel. Sometimes I want to melt myself together, forge a solid person, and brush shoulders with other solid people. Maybe I will someday. Is this maturity or safety? Are they one and the same?

I can live a thousand lives for a day as a magnetic particle person and I love this. Curiosity drives me, tires me. Then I crawl into my car and drive. Just me. I feel myself, all of my awareness. Well, hello there! I feel the energy that binds me together, holding each shard in a human shape. Life exists between the solid bits and I’m glad I have not become so solid as to dull this sensation. The hum of vibration breathed into creation.

Downtown New York – Oct 2016

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