Do I really need pants?

My sleek Osprey pack slumped forward, pregnant with camping gear, heavy DSLR camera and equipment, and my 15.6″ brick of a Toshiba. Each item, essential for the full term delivery of my backpacker’s dream, was not ideal for months of travel on my back. A space remained at the top of the pack, about the size of my head. Do I really need pants? I hoped not, because my entire wardrobe and toiletry bag was about to fit inside that space.


I started kicking myself at this point for the frivolous money I’d spent during the past year on concert tickets and not-cooking. I could have bought an ultralight netbook! I could have bought a smaller mirrorless camera! I could be gently stowing pants and extra underwear within a half-empty backpack right now.

If I hadn’t already purchased my flight to Bali, already confirmed my first and second Workaway host and quit my job I would be adjusting plans to save for another 6 months at least right now. Sometimes life doesn’t work out perfectly. I’ve been listening to a lot of Brené Brown this month and imagine her saying something along the lines of lean into the challenge and face it with creativity and vulnerability. 

Ok, inner-Brené, looks like I’ll have a great set of toned legs by the end of this journey, which I can show off in my light and breathable shorts since I won’t have any pants. 😉


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